My name is Luke Xing, and I am a photographer, programmer, economist, and generally quantitative individual.  I am a graduate of MICDS’s Class of 2012 and The University of Chicago’s Class of 2016.  I’ve worked at C2 Consulting (now Insum) and Smartsheet.

I studied Economics and Mathematics, and on my own time, I love to photograph, code, play soccer, and think and analyze about random things around me.

I play many video games, primarily League of Legends and Hearthstone, as well as board games, such as Catan or 7 Wonders.

Everything on this website you see, from photography to insights, are my own (unless explicitly stated otherwise).  This site is an outlet for many random thoughts that garnered enough structure to warrant display and/or further research.  Content is miscellaneous, so not everything will be relevant to everything, but hopefully all of it is of good quality.

Updated 02-16-2021.

(Photo: Susannah Cai, 2016)